Saturday, April 3, 2010

Meet Dänna Wilberg, Make a "Paranormal Connection"

How big is your worldview? For Dänna Wilberg, host of the cable TV show, Paranormal Connection, it’s far bigger than the world as many people know it!

On Hot Flashbacks, Cool Insights, the connection to spirit goes without saying. I talk all the time about the guiding symbols all around us in dreams, the sky, meaningful coincidences and other “signs” from Higher Intelligence.

Dänna blazes a trail to help people learn more about topics like psychics, past lives, intuitive healing, and your invisible energy centers or chakras. (To make this more real for you when you hear the interview below in your mind, Dänna’s name is pronounced the same as Donna.)


[par-uh-nawr-muh l]–adjective
Of or pertaining to the claimed occurrence of an event or perception without scientific explanation, as psychokinesis, extrasensory perception, or other purportedly supernatural phenomena.

Joyce: Dänna, let’s start out with the most obvious question. How on earth did you get into all this otherworldly stuff—enough to spark an ongoing TV show?

Dänna: My innate curiosity mostly! I’ve always wanted to explore the possibility of otherworldly things and I wanted to know the “truth” about where my soul was really going to end up if I did!

Joyce: I think the audience on this blog is open-minded to these concepts. Since many of them are everyday occurrences to me, I talk about them openly. People who read this blog more than once are open to them, or they wouldn’t keep reading.

But there’s one issue people who believe in the paranormal all share “in the real world.” How much do you let on about your beliefs, especially when you are among others who subscribe to the consensus reality? These same people may think we’re a little crazy—those of us who “see more.” I’m sure we could all use some tips.

Dänna: That’s a great question, Joyce. At first it wasn’t easy to be open about what I believed in. In fact, in the beginning of my show, I have a disclaimer, written by Buddha. In essence he says, if the information presented doesn’t ring true, don’t believe it!

Like most, I, too, feared being labeled a “lunatic,” but the more research I did on the topics I was presenting, the more I realized that science is finally catching up with what the paranormal-minded community already knew. Now, the more open I am about my beliefs, the more people open up to me about theirs. As we forge ahead, we will find the attitude towards the unknown has changed. That’s huge!

Joyce: I agree. My interviews last year of Janet Walden focused on her active participation in the Institute of Noetic Sciences—IONS—the organization mentioned by name in Dan Brown’s latest book, The Lost Symbol. IONS is on the leading edge of the science-meets-spirituality equation.

Now that we’ve established this conversation is leading-edge rather than crazy: Using some examples from your programs, how do you think your broadcasts help other seekers?

Dänna: I have been fortunate to interview so many amazing people, including you, Joyce. Your program on dreams was very informative! By providing awareness, we tap into universal consciousness, and it seems with each new episode, I connect with more like-minded individuals who want to share their knowledge. We have discussed everything from extra-terrestrials to hemispheric synchronizations in the brain. Psychics, astrologers, tarot readers discuss their areas of expertise. Psychologists, massage therapists, and lightworkers discuss using positive intention and love, like an instrument, to heal ourselves and others with energy. We have talked about past lives with authors Linda Potter and Tina Coleman, whose upcoming book aims to help people overcome fears and phobias. An aura photographer came on the show and gave readings. An iridologist explained how our eyes are not only the windows to our soul; they are one of our most significant diagnostic tools.

Joyce: Tell us about your most unusual interview to date.

Dänna: Hmmm. One of my guests demonstrated “mind over matter” by walking on chunks of broken glass. His son proceeded to move a pendulum with his mind. I was impressed!

Joyce: Tell us about your personal favorite—and/or one where you felt you learned the most.

Dänna: One of my favorite topics to talk about is vibration. Michael Bayard, a master percussionist, has demonstrated the effects music has on our chakra systems, how the very words we choose can be healthy or damaging to the molecular structure of our bodies. His live performance proved how music or tones transform our brainwaves. It’s a topic that ties in with nature and all that is. I love it! (See a clip of Michael’s Shamanic Healing interview on this YouTube link and end Note for more resources about him.)

Joyce: As part of the global internet community, Hot Flashbacks, Cool Insights has readers from around the world. Your show is on a local cable network in Sacramento. Tell us how people who aren’t from California’s capital can listen to your programs. Thanks for giving us the dates, times, and links for your shows.

Dänna: “Paranormal Connection” airs the 1st and 3rd Mondays of every month at 9pm (PST) on Comcast 17. It is also available to everyone around the world by going to and clicking on “Watch 17”. There is also an encore performance of the show the following Tuesday at 1pm (PST) and Wednesday at 5am (PST)

Joyce: I remember well my early days of first dabbling into paranormal subjects. It would have been wonderful, back then, to have had a program like yours to lead the way. I’m sure, too, that doing this program has given you some of those personal, “cool insights” we talk about on this blog. I’m sure it’s been a part of your personal journey. What is your biggest take-away?

Dänna: I have learned that everything and everybody is relevant. There are no coincidences, and we are limited only by what we think and believe. We are all students and we are all teachers when we give voice to our experiences.

Joyce: Your conclusion is the punch line of all my spiritual explorations, too. We are so interconnected—and who we are and what we know contributes to our quality of life on Planet Earth. The bigger our worldview, the better our experiences here.

Thank you so much visiting Hot Flashbacks, Cool Insights and to expand our concept of “normal.”
Any final thoughts?

Dänna: Is this where I thank my fabulous crew? Everyone involved with the “Paranormal Connection” volunteers their time to make the show happen. I am truly blessed.

To those who are searching for answers I would like to say, we all have an opportunity to tap into the power within. It’s our divine right. We are meant to use our gifts to learn, grow and help each other on this earthly plane. And finally, I would like to thank you for providing this wonderful platform, Joyce!


Photo: Dänna interviews Kelly LaSha, author of Liquid Mirror. Kelly’s interview on Paranormal Connection is on her website, a great place to get a glimpse and example of Dänna’s fabulous shows.

Note: To see Michael Bayard’s extreme musical versatility, here is his beautiful accompaniment of Ann Roach singing “All I Ask of You” from Phantom of the Opera in this YouTube video. Michael’s website is Rhythm Magic.

Dänna Wilberg was born in Chicago, IL. She currently resides in Northern California with her family. Besides learning about the paranormal, her passions include writing romantic suspense, writing/producing short films and dancing to the music in her head. Visit her links to learn more about Dänna’s creative projects: The Paranormal Connection, The Push Film, and The Red Chair by Danna Blog.


Anne Whitaker said...

"Now, the more open I am about my beliefs, the more people open up to me about theirs. As we forge ahead, we will find the attitude towards the unknown has changed...."

Joyce and Danna, thanks for this interview in which the quote above especially resonated.Through my site Wisps from the Dazzling Darkness,
I am for the first time "going public" about my own paranormal experiences, and finding exactly the same thing. We open up to people, they open up to us, the world becomes a more open-minded place!

Dänna said...

Thank you for your comment, Anne. People who cross our paths are synchronistic. I went to your web site and learned more about myself through your paranormal experiences.
It is imparitive to remove fear from the equation in order to lift the veil.