Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hugs to Mother Earth on the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day

© 2010 by Joyce Mason

There’s a popular chant from the earth religions, one I really love. Read it with a drum beat in your mind:

Earth my body,
Fire my blood,
Air my breath, and
Fire my spirit!

As the 40th anniversary of Earth Day on April 22 approached, I realized more than ever that the earth element reflects our own bodies—that we are made up of the same four elements as this lush planet we’re lucky to call home. What we do to Mother Earth, we do to ourselves.

I also wanted to share my poem on my other blog with you on this auspicious occasion, Touching Earth.

I thought it would also be a good time to revisit some previous posts about Earth and the earth element:

• April 2008, The Vast Lane to Elementary School

• From Earth Day 2008, Gettin’ Earthy

• November 2009, The Four Elements: I Dig Earth!

Enjoy this “other” Mother’s Day. Make a small commitment to treat her tenderly, whether it’s bringing your own bags to the grocery store or giving up bottled water and all its plastic waste. Instead, use refillable containers. These small changes may be a little hard to start, but they’re a piece of cake once you’ve changed your habit. And speaking of sweets, here’s yet another reason to be good to your Mother:

Save the's the only planet with chocolate.

Want to know the History of Earth Day?

How ‘bout some Earth Day Fun Facts?

How ‘bout a visit to the official Earth Day 40th anniversary web site?

As our planet endures natural disasters and other growing pains, it’s time to rekindle our sense of oneness and resolve to create a peaceful planet for all. In some channeled material by Steve Rother that wowed me in this video, Birth Pangs of Mother, I resonate to the idea that the earth is giving rebirth to herself.

Blessings to Earth and Everyone on It!


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