Friday, February 5, 2010

The Cosmos Comments!

Dear Readers,

As you know, Hot Flashbacks, Cool Insights is all about noticing the cosmic hints all around us. Same goes for my other blog, The Radical Virgo. I got two of those hints in one day this week. Readers reported having technical difficulties making comments on blog posts. They were eager to do so because of the current comment contests running on blogs.

This was a revelation to me! I thought comments were a little sparse of late because people were shy to “talk” on the public wall. It had never occurred to me that another reason might be that they didn’t know how to do it. Another hint I had in the same 24-hour period was two people dear to me sharing their challenges with technology. I admit it; I tend to forget something was originally difficult once I’ve mastered it. Thinking back on it, I was all thumbs myself a couple of years ago, when I made my first comment on a post. I was also mentally muddled on how it worked and how to do it.

I’m grateful that the atmosphere of my online community is warm and friendly enough that readers felt comfortable e-mailing me and letting me know they were having difficulties. To help you join the Comment Contest and to help all readers in the future, I’m posting these directions and will leave a link to them at the bottom of each post. These refer to Blogger, the software I use to publish my blogs. (That means any blog where blogspot is part of the URL, such as The directions will vary slightly on other blogging programs.

How to Comment on Blogger

1. At the bottom of the post on which you want to comment, there will be a number and the word Comments, such as 0 Comments (if you’re the first to comment), 2 Comments, etc. Click on Comments and it’ll take you to the page to enter your comment.

2. Write your comment in the Leave A Comment box.

3. Next, Choose an Identity. This is where I think people are most likely to get confused.

   a. If you have a Google account (, it’ll automatically default to this choice (the dot will be filled in) and Blogger will “know” who you are, if you’re signed into your e-mail at the time. Optional: If you want to be e-mailed when there are additional comments on the post, other than the one you are making, check the box below Your Name (Google account).

   b. Open ID. If you don’t know what it is, don’t click this choice. It’s a way to have a universal ID and pic online where you’re recognized across many types of blogging programs and websites.

   c. Name/URL. This will be the choice for most people. Click on this dot if you want to leave your name and/or a website or blog name. Leaving a website URL is optional.

   d. Anonymous. If you want to comment anonymously, click this dot and your comment will appear with the name Anonymous.

4. Click the blue PREVIEW button, if you want to preview your comment before you send it with an option to edit it if you want changes.

5. Click the orange PUBLISH YOUR COMMENT button when you’re done and ready for it to be published.

Your comments are forwarded to me for review, and I have the option to publish or reject them. I only reject comments that are advertising or objectionable in content, such as personal attacks or anything mean-spirited or negative to a degree that I don’t want that energy to be part of the atmosphere of my blogs. So far, I have never had to reject a comment, except for a few instances of people using Comments for the sole purpose of advertising a product.

Now that I’ve seen the light about giving directions for people new to commenting, I’m delighted to know that the contests can be a vehicle to “open a new window, open a new door” for some of you, as it says in that wonderful song from the musical version of Auntie Mame (my heroine).

Hoping to hear more from you,



Pop Art Diva said...

I think I'm going to link to this post to tell people how to make a comment - great directions!

Joyce Mason said...

Glad you can use it, Pop Art--and do link to it and let others know they can do the same. It had not occurred to me that the comment form was confusing. I'm so glad I got the cosmic hint in the end, LOL!

Susannah said...

Yes, I had never considered that people may find it confusing until my cousin tried three times to post a comment on my blog and then gave up! Good directions. :-)