Thursday, September 3, 2009

IT’S A SIGN! No Soliciting: Religion and Religious Literature Included

Normally the “signs” we talk about on Hot Flashbacks, Cool Insights are figurative. Things like dream symbols, synchronicities, and signs of the zodiac.

Today, I’m here to announce that you can buy my sign! No, I don’t mean Virgo. (Not too many people would take that one on by choice, much less pay for it. Too much work, one of the things Virgos are famous for!)

I’m literally talking about the no soliciting sign on my front door, which I wrote about in May in the post, The “No Soliciting” Sign. Turns out it was my most visited blog post of all time—hundreds of visitors each month-- and the most discovered by key word searches. Seeing those blog statistics made me realize that my personal sign could fill a need. It cried to become a product to be shared.

With the help of my graphics guru, Terri Dennis of Graphica Design—we’ve made updated version of the original sign ready to print and frame—and a new one, displayed on this post.

Both can be viewed in larger, watermarked versions on the Spirited Products page of my website, You can download a watermark-free and image-credit-free version to print out through PayPal on my website, linked in the first line of this paragraph or in the sidebar of this blog.

Availability and Pricing
Each is available as an 8.5 x 11 PDF download for $3, which you can color print on the paper or cardstock of your choice, then frame it yourself. Alternatively, each can be purchased as two side-by-side 5 x 7 prints. The pair on one sheet are ready to trim, print out and frame—also $3. Pop them into an inexpensive frame (the Dollar Stores are great resources)—and voilà! You, too, will be freer of doorbell—including dogma—interruptions.

Please e-mail me if you have any questions, comments, or feedback. The prints for framing are a test balloon. If the products sell as well as the blog traffic suggests, I’ll explore offering a ready-to-hang product as a plaque or ready-framed in the future.


Image credits: © 2009 by Joyce Mason, All Rights Reserved. Art by Graphica Design.

Text underneath watermark: Please don’t ring. /We can’t talk or buy, /Survey, give, or get saved./ Here’s why:/ We need one place to retreat …


Eileen Williams said...

Your sign is fantastic! A true blending of talents (the author and the artist), and it says it all beautifully. Here's to great success in gracing every front door that's ever been bothered by unwanted solicitors. You let them know, ever so graciously, that this home is one of peace and wishes to remain that way.

Joyce Mason said...

Thanks, Eileen! I loved telling my story about how the sign evolved over the years in the original post last May. I was glad to be inspired to create the second, more poetic sign, to offer people a choice. May we all find kind ways to set boundaries and appreciate people's good intentions while asking them to respect our needs, too.