Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"Feisty" Eileen Williams Wins Blog Comment Contest Drawing

She doesn’t need a contest to prove she’s a winner. Still, Mary Eileen Williams from the San Francisco Bay Area and The Feisty Side of Fifty blog has won our Spring Blog Comment Contest! If you’re a baby boomer and don’t already know Eileen’s blog, delight yourself by clicking on the link in this paragraph—or the Fabulous, Fifty & Flaunting It photo, which takes you to Eileen’s Feisty Boomer Boutique at Café Press.

Even though her name was drawn from a hat, by the law of averages, it’s no surprise Eileen would win as one of the most loyal and frequent contributors to the Comments on Hot Flashbacks, Cool Insights. Eileen wins a copy of
Capital Crimes: 15 Tales by Sacramento Area Authors, including my story, “Digital.”

Thanks to everyone who commented during the spring season. With enough reader interest, we might just do it again. Let’s make Constant Comment our cup of tea on this blog!


PopArtDiva said...

Congratulations to Eileen!!! BTW, Joyce you can link the image of her art to Eileen's store too - simply go in to edit the post, select the image and hit the link button (it looks like the infinity sign but it's chain links), then type in her store URL and the image will click to her store directly!

Call me if you want me to walk you through it!

Eileen Williams said...

I am humbled and honored by this recognition. Thank you!
Joyce, it's such a pleasure to comment on Hot Flashbacks because it's filled with some very cool insights upon which to ponder. As I've mentioned before, I always come away enlightened and renewed by your take on life. You see the world through the eyes of a seeker-- and a creative one at that. Your writing is both evocative and compelling and I just have to add my "two cents."
Thanks also to the Pop Art Diva for her comment and her help with this.
You're both very special friends and partners in the great boomer blogosphere. Hooray for us and all our boomer sisters!

Joyce Mason said...

Thanks, Eileen--yes, we are living proof that there are some feisty boomers out there who have only just begun to live! While that was a wedding song by The Carpenters, it applies to the "inner marriage" of wholeness that comes from age and experience. It's the place from which we truly give our gifts because we have developed our uniqueness, the things only we can do for the world.

PopArt, TY for the reminder that I initially forgot the store link! :) Together, we can dot all the I's, cross the T's, and hopefully keep ourselves from tripping over that URL chain link fence.