Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hot News Flash! Writer Joyce Mason Website

It’s complex, dense, deep, and fun. It’s a web site years in the planning. It’s

If you wonder about life's mysteries, your purpose and special gifts ... my new website is for you.

Discover my many other facets as a writer. My memoir-writing baby boomer persona is just one.
Joycemason-dot-com will be home to everything else I write besides this blog, starting with my body of literature that has proven timeless for decades on astrology, dreamwork, and other symbol systems. If there is one thing that joins all my writing, it’s this: I play the symbols. I see signs in commonplace occurrences as well as the moon, stars, and meaningful coincidences.

There are articles, old and new, and links to my writings on other web sites. I look forward to introducing current readers of Hot Flashbacks to my other works. I also hope to reconnect with many old friends and clients who knew me when these topics were on my front burner—and when I still did individual astrology charts and other spiritually oriented consultations. You’ll find links to other people whose works or products help me share what I’ve learned in the Symbol World. The last tool in my medicine bag from my former practice, Inner Growth Work, is
flower essences. Who knew a few drops of a tincture taken under your tongue a few times a day could transform emotions?

There’s an expanded bio, information on books and publications already in print or online, and previews of writings in progress. You’ll discover my poetry—my first genre, also symbol rich—and my genres I call M-in-M’s for short—memoir, inspiration, and mystery.

But the mystery of my new site? Don’t let it linger! Why haven’t you clicked on that link yet? Or
this one?

Thanks to all my Cool Insighters who check it out, and if you find it’s for you, I hope to be seeing you in both my cyber “pads” often.

Join me for the fireworks! And let’s crack open some champagne.


PopArtDiva said...

Joyce - I have to tell you the Flower Essences you sent me are great!

The website looks wonderful and I can't wait to get situated in my new home and get to work on your new masthead!


Eileen Williams said...


Your new site is amazing! It's a true reflection of your multifaceted talents and interests. You interweave your fascination for spirituality and symbols with your incredible imagination and pull it all together into a feast for the senses.
Congratulations! It will be a HUGE success!!

Joyce Mason said...

Terri and Eileen,

Thanks for your enthusiastic, supportive words! The process of creating this website was an eye-opener for me. I didn't realize all I had learned in 30 years on many of these topics. There were other surprising self-discoveries, and I'm glad I can share some of the more universal insights on my website as I do on my blog. I feel lucky to have you both as regular readers.

Melodieann said...

Fabulous site. I love it. And I love all the information on Flower Essences. I have used them for years. I learned about them from an herbalist I knew.

You are such a multi-talented woman and an inspiration to all of us. I'm am so glad you became a Diva or I might never have found you!

Joyce Mason said...

What a nice comment, Melodieann. I'm so glad you use the flower essences! They are surprisingly little known in the US, although they are used much more in Europe. They have been a godsend in my life.

Needless to say, I feel the same. I have met some amazing women in the Divas group, and I am especially glad we have connected.

Karen O'Bannon said...

Very nice site, and appears to be very informative. Will try to get back when I have more time.

Joyce Mason said...

Thanks for visiting, Karen. It's definitely meant to be the kind of website that you digest in little tidbits. Otherwise, it's so rich, we'd have to pass the Pepto, LOL! I really appreciate your positive comment.