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FLOWER ESSENCES: Emotional First Aid, Boomer-Plus Edition

Remember "flower power” in the 60's? Flowers symbo­lized peace, love, and goodwill. Flower essences have another kind flower power that promotes peace on earth from the inside out for they help heal emotions. Flower essences are infusions of flowers in fresh spring water, charged by the sun, fixed in a small amount of preservative. A few drops of essences are taken several times a day under the tongue. Essences are chosen by matching your current emo­tional issues with the correspond­ing flower essence, proven in repeated case studies to catalyze that emotional pattern to comple­tion.

The essences heal at the vibrat­ory, ether­ic, or soul level, so a little goes a long way. Each drop of essence contains the vibrational pattern of the flower's energy. Flower essences do not suppress feelings. On the contrary, they seem to open us up in a deep and receptive way to the process of embrac­ing and moving through them. Without resistance, feel­ings are much less painful and more quickly resolved.

The flower remedies were first discovered in England in the 1930s by
Dr. Edward Bach, a homeopathic physician. Dr. Bach believed that pain, suffering, and illness are oppor­tunities to grow and discover ourselves. To avoid the tran­sitory walk through pain is to say no to whole­ness. For this reason, tools like flower essences, which enable the spirit to face and work through feelings, are so valuable.

Bach's flowers tend more toward heavier issues, like depres­sion, guilt, jealousy, trauma, and grief. There are 38 Bach remedies—39 counting the multi-purpose combination, Rescue Remedy.

The North American Essences have been developed over the past several decades. Marriage and business partners Patricia Kaminiski and Richard Katz are the keepers of these essences, also known as the
FES Quintessentials. They live in Nevada City, CA where they operate Flower Essences Services surrounded by gardens of wildflowers. I feel privileged to have trained as an essence practitioner with these two highly spiritual, on-purpose mentors, dedicated to healing our planet through better com­munion with nature.

The FES Quintessentials cover a larger variety of issues. Releasing a relationship, feeling grounded, contacting your own inner sense of conscience, opening up to draw in friendship, and getting in touch with your inner child are just a few ex­amples. There are 103 essences, with new and exciting research essences continuously in development.

This brief introduction to flower essences and some of the pioneers in the field is just that. There are many other wonderful essences and essence-makers, among them
Whole Energy Essences of Concord, MA, makers of fruit, flower and gem essences. Desert Alchemy of Tucson, AZ makes healing essences from cactus and other desert flowers, including a whole range of blends for astrological cycles. Ancient Forest Essences of Gualala, CA creates remedies from a variety of pines and other long-lived trees, infusions made at sacred sites throughout the world, and essences chosen to represent the positions on the Native American Medicine Wheel and their meanings. If that isn’t creative enough for you, Pacific Essences makes infusions from sea creatures. Barnacle is one of my favorites, for “radical trust,” when we cling, like barnacles on a boat helm, to what was, rather than leaping into the void and meeting our next opportunity for growth.

But, wait—there’s more! This month,
Vibration, an ezine on flower remedies to which I have contributed periodically during its decade on the Internet, is having a special edition just for those of us in, or approaching, the fast lane to Social Security—or those already getting their checks. If you already know and love flower essences or are intrigued by this introduction, don’t miss Vitality at Any Age: Aging and Essences.

I didn’t know it when we moved into this house, but I was destined to become a spokesperson for getting the most out of later life. I live in a veritable oak tree house. This week’s picture of the oaks off our deck is just another way of sharing my views. Here’s the serendipity: Among many other fascinating revelations in the Aging and Essences issue of Vibration, you’ll learn how oak trees are the seniors of the botanical kingdom. Co-editor Donna Cunningham tells us, “Oak flower essence …is the most powerful remedy for anyone who's struggling with seniorhood or who wants to get even more out of these blessed years of being an elder.” That makes it the essence of cool aging and the signature flower remedy for the Hot Flashbacks, Cool Insights Blog.

Flowers help us honor and remember key milestones on our journey. Intuitively, people have always linked flowers and feelings. They are the gift of choice in our most emotionally charged times of transition: birth, death, illness, marriage, anniver­saries, and celebrations of all kinds. Flower essences help us celebrate life by freeing stuck energy that keeps us in the painful past by giving us the present of “the present”--and a new start.


Note: This article is provided purely for informational purposes. Readers are asked to make their own determination regarding the quality of the services and products described above. This article is not meant to be advice, and the information is not meant to replace medical or psychological treatment.

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