Sunday, September 12, 2010

10 Weeks of Word Oracles: Upper

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by Joyce Mason

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Welcome to #1 of 10 in a new series on Hot Flashbacks, Cool Insights. It was inspired by one of the many books I inherited from my birth mom, Helen. A Gemini, Helen left behind a library that’s eclectic and highly spiritual. The book that caught my eye while I was dusting “her” shelf is called The Book of Qualities by J. Ruth Gendler. The author has made one-page meditations or thought pieces on various human qualities such as power, pleasure, contentment, change, and complacency.

This got me thinking about our playground on this blog for working with symbols, oracles, and the other cosmic hints we look Up for. I knew about random word generators online.

I decided I’d “draw” ten words for us—ten words that would tweak my intuitive skills for insights that would hit home for my readers. It was like drawing a handful of words in a fortune cookie for the readers of Hot Flashbacks, Cool Insights.

Let’s get started!


A state of high emotions, one of the best things anyone has ever said to me is, “You’re an upper.” A very ‘70s expression related to the drug culture, an “upper” was a kind of pill that made you high—different from tranquilizers and other “downers.”

Ultimately, an upper has become a term that often denotes a natural high. People, places, things—all can be an upper. Up is fun! It’s buzzy. It’s happy. It’s exuberant and sometimes caffeinated. It’s rollercoasters and risk-taking.

Other Uppers

A familiar vacuum commercial called its product “the quicker picker-upper.” You can pick up, stay up, or look Up. The last is another kind of Upper that works for me in my role as docent for a troupe of spiritual explorers. My original slogan for my astrology-plus practice was:

Do you ever raise your eyes to heaven, asking, “How about a hint?” Astrology is the hint and the heavens are the right Source.

I want to be an Upper. A Look Upper. Someone who seeks guidance from the highest source and vantage points.

Up—and Counter Up

The problem with up is its counterpoint—down. The higher you get, the longer the fall. Through my forties, I still liked high drama, especially the high part. I loved intense people, places, and things—and if I wasn’t feeling everything at a high pitch, it didn’t work for me. Over time, my roller coaster life was exhausting, and the long falls hurt. I quit riding actual roller coasters in my teens. It took me till midlife to give up the figurative type, the roller coaster of Desperately Seeking Uppers.

Now I like to skate in the middle between up and down, often well above the midline, but don’t much like living right on the edge. I still enjoy those delicious peaks at times, but more like caviar, not like before, better described as insisting on eating caviar as breakfast cereal. I realize it’s crazy to try to live in a constantly excited state. Letting go of uppers in the extreme was a good thing for me. That leads me to the final segment, offering you your own meditation and journaling exercise on our word for the week. Ten minutes, ten times—voil√†! You’ve got a personal book of insights and instructions. Set aside a special journal book or computer file for your oracular explorations.

Meditation and Journaling on Upper

Sit quietly in a meditative posture, whatever one works for you. Have pen and paper nearby.

1. Take three deep breaths. Say “upper” to yourself. Let it rest on your mind, then let your mind respond. What does this word mean to you? Take plenty of time to let the thoughts form or memories come back to you. Let them finish speaking. When they are done saying what they have to say, write down their message.

2. Return to meditation. Read this thought, and then sit with it in the silence for as long as it feels right: I am thankful for the highs in life, but I’m also thankful for the lows. Without the valley, we can’t appreciate the mountain. Life has its ups and downs, and I navigate them with energy and style.

3. When you come out of meditation, look at what you wrote about “upper.” Take some time to contemplate it. Carry these thoughts into your week. Learn as much as possible about your relationship to upper. Write a few wrap-up notes before the end of the week and our next word.

May these ten weeks of words chosen just for you be—an upper!


Next week’s word: Fall

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Sandra Mosley said...

The Book of Qualities., by Ruth Gendler A favorite in our house, that doesn't grow old. Makes a great gift too.

Joyce Mason said...

How cool to know, Sandra. Thanks for sharing! Wonderful picture of you.

LB said...

Hi Joyce - "The Book of Qualities" sits on our bookshelf as well, has for many years. I agree with Sandra; it's a treasure of a book that makes a lovely gift. I've gifted copies to several of my more poetic friends and they've loved it too. I'm not at all surprised that you own it.

Joyce Mason said...

Hi, LB! I had no idea the book was so popular among people I know and admire! :) Wish I could take credit for my good taste in having chosen it. Even though I inherited it from my mother, I am delighted to have it and for the inspiration it gave me to do the word oracles.

Anonymous said...

Great Site, thank you a lot for to have chosen my birthday cards. By Melissad10

Joyce Mason said...

Dear Melissa,

Your Happy Birthday art is so perfect for the Sky Hints sidebar. I'm delighted to have discovered you. Thanks for sharing your talents with the world ... and to prove that synchronicity rules, something I talk about a lot on this site, today is actually my own birthday! You couldn't have chosen a better time to say hello and to make your Happy Birthday zodiac art even more personal to me. Thanks for being a part of what we do here.