Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Three Minutes of Fame

Dear Cool Insighters,

This is a between-the-posts share about how my six-word memoir led to a local TV interview. Last year, I wrote the following micro-memoir on Smith Magazine’s six-word memoir site:

First love lost, 14; married, 50.

It’s Tim’s and my love story in a nutshell. (Want 200 more words? Click “show backstory” under these six words and the picture of Tim and me at my 8th grade graduation on my Smith link.) This summer, Smith partnered with AARP Magazine to do a regular column for the 50+ audience. Ours was chosen as one of the tiny memoirs on the theme of love (Less Is L’amour …) in the September/October 2009 issue.

This tiny blurb turns out to be six of the most evocative words I have ever written! Old friends saw the entry in the AARP column, and I got calls from people I hadn’t spoken with in decades. Soon I had an e-mail from a local reporter who wanted to feature us on “Good Day Sacramento” on a show they were doing with a “lost loves” theme.

Since the clip is from a copyrighted TV show, I can’t link to it directly, but if you’d like to see it, here are the directions:

Go to Good Day Sacramento.: . Once you’re on the GDS website, on the right there’s a Good Day Videos screen. Under the screen, the far right button says Menu. To the left of Menu is a spyglass. Click the spyglass, which activates a search window. Plug in the words “lost loves,” and you’ll find our video.

We hope our story inspires others who always wondered about their lost loves. While not all stories have our happy ending, it’s healing to complete that circle of “unfinished business” and “always wondering,” regardless of the outcome.

And about that 15 minutes of fame Andy Warhol said we all get? I’ve still got 12 left! I hope I can cash them in on a book or two—or ten.

Here’s to those flashes back to the past,



Photo: My favorite of the booth photos Tim and I took in Dallas on February 14, 1997, our first Valentine’s Day together since 1961.


Susannah said...

That was wonderful! So nice being able to actually see you and hear you talk. What a wonderful story and I LOVE Tims final sentence.

I really enjoyed that!
Lots of love to you both.
Susannah x

Joyce Mason said...

Thanks, Susannah! We feel so fortunate to have found one another again ... and after many years of painful involvements with "bad boys," it's great to be so cherished. I never thought it would happen to me. After 12 years, I'm still pinching myself!

I recently talked to one of my cyber pals for the first time, and it's so amazing to put a voice and pic together! Love back to you and your sweetheart, too.

Eileen Williams said...

Joyce, I am so thrilled for you! My gosh the two of you looked great on TV and the story you shared was even greater. Your romance is one for the books and, speaking of that, I know you're incorporating it in your writing. So now you get to add a new chapter: media star! CONGRATULATIONS!

Joyce Mason said...

Eileen, thanks for your ever-lovin' support! It means a lot to me.

This is my third media appearance this year, also including the Paranormal Connection (local cable TV network) and on your Feisty Side of Fifty show on Blog Talk radio. In both those cases, I talked about dreams. I realized there's a topical connection to all three. This one's about a real dream come true. As a little sampler I found and hung on our wall says, "We were meant to be."

Thank you, again!

Pop Art Diva said...

You sound just like you do on the phone! That was the cutest video of both of you - and it's your anniversary of finding Tim this week, huh? She said Thanksgiving - are you celebrating??

Happy Thanksgiving to you both!!!

Joyce Mason said...

Thanks for your sweet comment, PopArt! I especially have to thank you for reminding me that this weekend is actually the 12th anniversary of my inspired reconnection with my beloved. Like the shoemaker's daughter, sometimes I have no shoes--or Schoos in this case, Tim's last name, LOL! That is, I neglect getting the big picture in my own astrology chart for helping others see theirs. You helped me uncover a huge omission! Our reunion is having its Jupiter Return. Since Jupiter is the great bringer of blessings, it explains why we have had not only this little brush with fame, but why we both appreciate each other lately more than ever.

You are the best!

Pop Art Diva said...

Well, stick a candle in the turkey this Thursday and turn Thanksgiving into an anniversary dinner, lol!