Thursday, October 29, 2009

Blog-4-Cause: An E-book to Support the Susan G. Komen Cause for the Cure

A special message to the Readers of Hot Flashbacks, Cool Insights:

I was adopted as an infant, yet ultimately I had the joy of knowing both my mothers after my birth mom, Helen, and I were reunited in 1986. Sadly, I lost both my moms to cancer, but it’s breast cancer that’s part of my genetic history. Both Helen and her sister, my aunt, died of this disease.

If you are a woman, especially a woman of a certain age, breast cancer is potentially part of your history, too, whether or not your mom or other female relatives ever had it. Here are some facts that we should never forget along with our annual mammograms:

*  The most proven and significant risk factors for getting breast cancer are being female and getting older.

    *  Only five to ten percent of breast cancers are due to heredity. The majority of women with breast cancer have no known significant family history or other known risk factors.

      *  Breast cancer is second only to lung cancer in deaths among women.

        Two wonderful bloggers I have encountered by what I call “happystance,” Lance Ekum (Jungle of Life) and Joanna Sutter (Fitness and Spice), have developed an e-book called Blog-4-Cause. I am a proud contributor. Blog-4-Cause contains fascinating articles by many writer/bloggers in multiple subject areas: Inspirational, Personal Growth, Health & Fitness, Humor, Food, and Miscellaneous. (My article on Auntie Mame is on p. 15 in the Inspirational section.)

        If you’d like to an introduction to some diverse bloggers and an opportunity to support this worthy cause, at the same time, I hope you’ll consider clicking on the photo or the Blog-4-Cause link in the paragraph above to become part of the solution. All contributions for the e-book go directly to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation. The participating authors have volunteered our work for the cause, and I hope you’ll consider a contribution of any amount, for which the e-book is your gift.

        Think pink! And remember, our breasts are close to our hearts.

        Health and happiness,



        Pop Art Diva said...

        This is a great way to promote awareness - I just tweeted a link to your post to over 1100 followers! I'll try to RT it a few more times!

        Eileen Williams said...

        I always come away inspired after reading Hot Flashbacks, Cool Insights because you provide plenty of both.This time, however, you've inspired me in a different way. Each and everyone of us women over fifty can relate to breast cancer in some way. Either we've had a relative or friend who's battled the disease or we may have been diagnosed ourselves. Even if breast cancer hasn't personally touched our lives, often the fear of it has.
        Blog-4-Cause sounds like a wonderful and creative way to raise money for a very worthy cause. Thanks, Joyce, for bringing it to our attention and congratulations for being selected to contribute. I'm sure your Auntie Mame piece is a winner!

        Joyce Mason said...

        PopArt, thank you so much for your loyal support! I truly appreciate your networking skills for this good cause.

        Joyce Mason said...

        Thanks, Eileen, especially for reminding us how we are all touched by the fear of breast cancer if not cancer itself. As ever, I appreciate your support and "cool saging" perspective!

        Lance said...

        Thank you, so much, for your generous support of this project, both as a contributor and as a reader! It's an honor to have you be a part of this book, and it's a project that has also brought a whole lot more understanding to me in the process.
        With deep gratitude,

        Joyce Mason said...

        Lance, the honor is all mine. Curing breast cancer is obviously a subject near and dear to me, and I think creating an e-book to generate contributions to the cause is brilliant! The project brings the blogging community together for a fine purpose, and I'd like to think this is just the beginning of more bloggers supporting each other and worthy causes.