Monday, September 14, 2009

Boomer Survey on Love, Sex, and Intimacy

Boomer readers! Got something to say on these subjects?

This is a between-the-posts announcement to alert you to some exciting happenings on my friend Eileen Williams' blog, The Feisty Side of Fifty! Eileen recently interviewed and posted information about a love, sex, and intimacy survey being conducted by Suzanne Braun Levine. Suzanne is the founding editor of Ms. Magazine, who worked there for 17 years, a friend of Gloria Steinem's. Suzanne has written several books on boomer women and related topics.

She also has created a questionnaire to get you thinking about marriage, partnerships, and other relationships you’ve experienced over the years. So take a few minutes and let her know how you’ve grown and changed since you hit midlife. You can email your answers to


Visit the link to Feisty Side of Fifty for the complete text of the questionnaire. As a thank you gift, the first 10 respondents will receive a free copy of Suzanne's best selling book, 50 is the New Fifty, so be sure to include your name and address. (Your responses to the questionnaire will remain anonymous.)

May you learn more about love and life in the process!

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Eileen Williams said...

Oh, my gosh! I thanked you by email but neglected to write a thank you comment for this wonderful post. I do so appreciate the shout out for both Feisty and for Suzanne. I've read her other books and think this latest one is going to be a bestseller for sure.
So, if anyone out there wants to be in print, take some time and respond. Even if it's just to one or two questions, Suzanne will appreciate it almost as much as I appreciate Joyce for writing such a fabulous post!