Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wall-to-Wall Inspiration

I have been on a spiritual quest most of my adult life. I have considered affirmations to be among my favorite tools for cool living ever since I first heard of them. I thrive on inspirational quotes, too.

As for dictionary definition, an affirmation is: Something declared to be true; a positive statement or judgment. These positive sayings recognize how the mind and spirit work to help create in synchrony with Higher Power. They are like magnets of attraction—positive thoughts and beliefs attract positive experiences. Most of us have had life-long training in how to find what’s wrong with things—or ourselves. How ‘bout declaring a whole day where you only look at what’s right? I’ve been amazed at how many situations have taken a U-turn toward much better outcomes when I have done this simple attitudinal turnabout.

Inspirational Quotes
Being a “word bird,” as one friend used to call me, I am probably more inspired by written language than most. I use a Franklin Planner, and I love the daily quotes. This year I’m using the Simplicity filler. (Simplicity is something I’m desperate to have more of!) Here’s one: The most important ingredient we put into any relationship is not what we say or what we do, but what we are. –Stephen R. Covey

I feature Simple Inspirations here on Hot Flashbacks, random quotes that pop up on the bottom of my blog. If you’ve never scrolled down that far, check it out! Sample quote: Love does not consist in gazing at each other but in looking together in the same direction. –Antoine de Saint-Exupery. This saying has long been one of my most trusted measures of right relationship.
One of my favorite sources of words that keep me on track and often amused are the Quotes of the Day that I have activated on my personalized iGoogle page. Example: Disbelief in magic can force a poor soul into believing in government and business. - Tom Robbins

There are mountains of quotation sites online. Try some, if you haven’t already: The Quotations Page, Think Exist (my personal fave to date), or Quotations for Creative Thinking.

On and Off the Wall
We are living in a time of economic distress. Favorite stores and businesses are closing by the droves. My own State of California has been hovering on the brink of bankruptcy. Several cities here that have already gone under. During this kind of bad-news bombardment, affirmations and inspirational words are more important than ever.

Wanting to take time for more of those pump-me-up words, I figured what better way than to “clock” them! I was in dire need of constant inspiration, so I visited Pop Art Diva’s Store at Café Press and bought the clock in the picture on this blog post. It reminds me to take the time to: Imagine, Trust, Believe, and Receive. Affirming these realities and feeling their truth activates the invisible stuff from which all substance flows. Our creativity helps draw to us ways to meet our needs through a variety of sources. We were given such blessings of ability, made in the image of the Creator. When we focus on universal abundance rather than believing that the latest distribution issue has to be our personal experience, we remain in the flow of divine substance. Substance comes in many forms, and it all begins with an open mind to tap into the source of all creativity and solutions.

God Helps Those …
The expression God helps those who help themselves could sum up the purpose of this post. Those who are less religiously inclined can think of it as, Good begets good.

What a piece of work is man. How noble his reason. How infinite his faculties. Shakespeare wrote it, and the cast of “Hair” sang it to us. When we can unite our minds with divine order or that which is good in humanity—the natural desire to seek our own perfection—we can really go places.

We can also get out of some really bad places like a blue funk, self-pity, poor self-esteem, and the down-spiral of a day going downhill or one pessimistic thought leading to another bad thing happening. Bad luck multiplies when our magnet is sending out bummer signals.

So, I say plaster the walls with good words … paper them, plaque them, clock them. Don’t be afraid to wear them on your person, even! I love word jewelry. When I turned 60, my friends and I created a croning ceremony as a positive rite of passage. During this acceptance of my sage role, I received a necklace that says on one side, Heals, and the other, With Words. You can order a necklace customized with anything you want on it from my friend JoAnna at Light Drop Jewelry.

When it comes to seeing the writing on the wall, Café Press is just once source of an abundance of products and ideas. It’s one of my favorites. Here’s one good reason why. In my post, Cool ‘Phinsights about my experience swimming with a dolphin named Eva in Hawaii, I mentioned what a baby boomer diva she is—the oldest at Dolphin Quest (38), but also the spryest because she is the highest jumper among her mates. My blog readers were all ready to adopt her as our dolphin diva mascot. I discovered that Café Press has a whole line of “Dolphin Diva” products. After that, I figured you could find just about anything there!

Dive in! Consider decorating your personal space with words to inspire. Make it a womb where you gestate the life and feelings you want to create and celebrate.


Pat Montgomery said...

I agree that now more than ever we need to find what inspires us to the greater good and focus on it. This is a time when so many people are depressed and just "waiting for the next bad thing to happen." Instead we should be looking forward to the next great thing that will happen in our lives.

I love your idea of a croning ceremony! I'd love to hear more about what you actually did other than wrapping yourself in your sage shawl. Great idea!

Joyce Mason said...

Pat, thanks for this thoughtful comment! I'm glad the croning ceremony caught your interest. Ritual passages are often sadly missing from our modern society. I have been deeply influenced by the work of Angeles Arrien in this regard. Her book, "The Second Half of Life," is a guidebook to the ongoing process of saging. She draws wisdom from many rich indigenous cultures around the world. She is a cultural anthropologist.

I drew the ideas for my own croning ceremony primarily from the Native American tradition,information I found on the Web, then personalized it. PM me for more details.

PopArtDiva said...

Joyce - I'm so glad you are getting inspiration from my Believe Clock - it was the sole purpose of the creation of my Inspirational Art Line - to give people a little nudge and a good word to keep hold of!

(Pssst - don't tell anyone I originally did it up for myself, lol! I was going through one of my doubting phases and darker thoughts needed to be banished!)

You have so much power and inspiration to offer through your words - it's funny, though you may be down yourself sometimes, your words are even then bringing someone else to light. This alone should bring you brighter thoughts and good karma!

Thanks for the plug and the link!

Love ya two times baby! (Jim Morrison)

Joyce Mason said...

PopArt, thanks for letting me my words really work. I needed that, because I've been having one of "those days." The karma is indeed good. :)

Betty Lynch said...


I, too, love affirmations. They keep me focused and positive. Thank you for sharing.

Eileen Williams said...

Reading your posts always gives me pause and it's the "pause that refreshes." I've been so wrapped up in the day-to-day lately that I need to remember to give time to my spiritual side.
Affirmations have changed my life in many ways. I think between them and visualization practices we connect with our higher selves and reach out for universal help and guidance. They expand our consciousness and help us manifest the best out of ourselves. Thanks for this beautifully written reminder.
Also, love the clock by Pop Art Diva. It's a real reminder that time is passing and inspiration is right there when we need it.

Joyce Mason said...

Eileen, so cool what you say about Pop Art's affirmations clock as a reminder time is passing and the time for creating our reality is NOW! I am convinced our stressful economic times have the larger purpose of sparking that creativity and starting a worldwide bonfire. As the saying goes, "Necessity is the mother of invention."

Spirited Strider said...

Joyce, I'm so glad we connected so that I can now tag your blog on my dashboard here and keep in touch. Great post! You have a gift of words! I love affirmations, too. And I love that clock you bought! Warmly, Barbara

Pop Art Diva! said...

Okay, I found your Radical Virgo blog - are you going to be posting rants and radical thoughts there like I do on The BRAT in the HAT™???

I also need to be reminded to stay positive - we all do. I use my Life Is Like Art - It's All In How You Look At It. to kind of focus myself this way - art and positive inspiration go hand in hand and a blog requires me to focus at least once a week or so!

Gotta love this - the captcha word for me was "fests" - how appropriate, lol!

Joyce Mason said...

You are a super cyber sleuth, Pop Art Diva! I didn't even mean to finalize that potential blog, I was only seeing if the name was available ... and there it is, in my lists of blogs, *maybe* to be developed. I am still pondering the possibility. It would be an astrological/spiritual one, expanding and discussing the concepts in an article I wrote in 1992 called "The Radical Virgo." I still get mail about how the article has positively impacted Virgos who are not exactly the Felix Unger or Adrian Monk type. It's posted several places on the web, including my Writer Joyce Mason site. One theme is how completely developing our Selves leads to our ability to have positive relationships and give our greatest gifts to the community. That gift thing is a course you certainly aced! :)

Michelle said...

I have at least four awesome artists and creators in my blog list. Ok, I need to check. I think only two are up. My blog reading list is growing too fast to keep up recently. Point is - the more I look, the more amazing creative people I find out there. Creative in so many ways, like Andy who lives in a bus and does woodwork or Rima who paints and lives in a horsebox or Vita who lives in new York and paints Russian magic... So many, too many to list. It's brilliant and very inspiring.

Michelle said...

I felt the Secret was over hyped myself. Very relieved to find I'm not the only one yelling that this "emperor" has no clothes.

I've added your blog to my blogs I love list.

Joyce Mason said...

Thanks for fave-ing me, Michelle! I believe there's core truth in The Secret; my issue is that I felt the presentation was oversimplified. I hear a follow-up Secret movie is coming out soon that will include a number of different people presenting their "take" on it. I have heard many conversations of folks turned off to the emphasis on manifesting money and things. Also, advice on visualizations and affirmations didn't seem to focus on the important step of being present and active in the process. I can affirm all day that I'm rich, but I might also have to buy a Lotto ticket to make it so. Or maybe actively work my business. I'm keeping an open mind till I see the new movie.