Friday, December 26, 2008

Things to Bear in Mind As We Round 2009

I’ll be on away the first week of the New Year, taking a mini-vacation from blogging. So, I’m writing ahead some thoughts to bear in mind as we enter 2009.

January 1: This is the first day of my inner journey.

It’s a new day, and a new year. The whole world is making resolutions, thinking about a new start—a new slate.

I’m going to suggest that you reconsider.

Gregorian calendar has led us to live off-cycle with nature for nearly 500 years. The natural New Year begins at the Spring Equinox, on or about March 20. A diet, a new project, or new beginnings are much more on cycle with the seasons and rising energy in spring. They’re more likely to work for you then.

We, too, are part of nature. Our figurative seeds need to be planted at the time of year when they are most likely to germinate, flower in summer, and be ready in autumn for harvest.

Then what is this winter change of calendar all about, like the changing of the guard?

It’s another way of counting things, often more worldly things. Happiness comes from taking time to connect with All That Is and your innermost being. Here is where your spirit meets the Great Spirit and your Higher Power. The right thing to do in winter is to take a cue from our friends the bears. Hibernate. Take quiet time. Be introspective.

This year, put the inner journey on your calendar from Day 1. Give yourself one precious moment—one minute—to make your day with a short meditation. Here’s one I love that works any day of the year:

Take three deep, healing breaths—deep inhale, deep
exhale—three times, slowly. Ask Spirit—what do you want me to know—and what do you want me to do—today?

January 6: Breakfast at Epiphanies

In addition to celebrating the visit of the Magi to Bethlehem and the conclusion of the Christmas Season, epiphany is a word that means an aha or a flash of insight. Visit last year’s post,
Epiphanies, to learn more about this wonderful day and why the everyday usage of the word makes Epiphany the official holiday of this blog.

While I’m called Hot Flashbacks as the short form of this blog’s title in my e-mail address and on most social networking sites, the real emphasis in both my book and on my blog are the cool insights. I write about my insights all the time, but today, I thought I'd put the insights in your court. Let's do some exercises together to get some new aha’s. This is something we can do, like a guided meditation, as you read this post. Just pause to get some writing materials—and open a notebook or computer file. (Don’t forget to name and save the file right away to avoid accidentally losing it.) Alternatively, you could print out this post and do it later in a quiet moment.

Meditation: Imagine you are at the manger scene, coming to visit the baby Jesus. You have been following an awesome star for weeks. It is brighter, more spectacular, and shaped unlike anything you have ever seen. You know it’s a sign! You are one of the wise astrologers, an expert at deciphering larger meanings in life. This is just like a time machine, and you can create it however it would happen because you’re you—and only you have your unique gifts to give.

* What are your most precious gifts that you bring to the baby—and why?
* What will Jesus do with your gifts?
* What gifts do you get back?
* What gifts will you bring into 2009 because of this magical experience?

This is the first week of the last year in the first decade of the Third Millennium. Think of all that has happened since we worried about the Y2K crashes and food stashes on the cusp of the Year 2000! May you find some new tools and perspectives in this post to shine the star of your own inner light. The key is to slow down, rest, and visit the “manger within,” the rebirth of Love accessible inside us every day of our lives. Spirit can only speak to us when we stop talking--and listen.

A sweet, soft New Year with many moments of replenishing silence …


New Jersey Baby Boomer said...

Nice post, but I got distracted and was intrigued by what you wrote about people who have a birthday when I do (Capricorns)...since I complete my 57th year of life tomorrow, I loved the part about "seeming young when they are old" :-) Thanks for brightening my day. The best to you in the coming New Year!


Joyce Mason said...

Thanks, Claudia! Check my website at if you want to delve into some of the star stuff a bit more. I am a Virgo (Sun) but I have Capricorn Moon, so I "feel" a lot like a Goat since the Moon rules emotions, habits, etc. The Capricorn "young when old" might explain why I'm perennially three at heart. Next time I'm on the East Coast, maybe we should arrange a play date, LOL! Glad to brighten your day.

Eileen Williams said...

Dear Joyce,

As always, your post was rich with information, made me think, and inspired me. I am constantly awed by your "cool insights!" And I will practice your daily one minute meditation--a New Year's resolution I plan to keep.
As I share a birthday with Claudia, I, too, was interested in your information on Capricorns. I find it to be true in my life as I feel I've come into myself in the second half of life and feel younger and more energized than I did when I was physically younger.
Thanks for sharing your vast and multi-faceted knowledge. I always enjoy reading your blog!

Joyce Mason said...

Thanks, Eileen, for the kind of feedback that encourages me to blog on! :) And to you and Claudia both--a very Happy Birthday.

karlyn said...

I enjoyed this article. Great insight and advice that are helpful to me as I look to make changes for myself in the new year.. I subscribed to your news also Joyce. I look forward to future posts.
~ karlyn

Joyce Mason said...

Thanks for becoming a Cool Insighter, Karlyn! I'm glad you enjoyed this New Year's post, and I look forward to having you as part of our Insight Exchange all year.

Beverly Mahone said...

What would I give to the baby Jesus? Such a good question!

This might sound crazy to some but I would give him my grandson to keep him company. My grandson is full of so much love and goodness and inspires others with his smile. It would be a hard gift to give up but it's the best that I have and I would wan to give my Saviour my very best. (Of course, I'd probably have to fight hismother other this decision LOL!)

Joyce Mason said...

What a generous soul you are, Beverly. It would have never occurred to me that Baby Jesus might want a playmate! Maybe in this "time machine" you could arrange to live in his village and your grandson could grow up in his own family but have a close cousin kind of relationship with Jesus. It makes me smile to think how positive that would be for both boys. I'd want the camera to be invented way early to capture it!

Betty Lynch said...

Hi Joyce,

Great article! I like starting new things in the spring instead of Jan. 1st.



Pam Archer said...

How nice it would be to hibernate for the winter. I would love to wake up refreshed, about 30 lbs.lighter, and Spring in the air! I wouldn't have to shave my legs for 3 months! That would account for the 30 lbs. lost! LOL

Happy New Year to my new Diva Sister!

Joyce Mason said...

Thanks, Betty and Pam. Now that I'm back from 10 days in Paradise, I know I could really get into this hibernation thing. If it's not sunny, balmy, and full of Aloha Spirit, I may as well sleep through it until winter's over. Oddly enough, I've had quite the opposite for two days--uncharacteristic insomnia. Can hardly "bear" it! :)